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JustBe Lifestyle Drinks Griffin Hunter

JustBe are a blend of two Premium Italian sparkling wines in a range of 4 delicious flavours Elderflower, Rhubarb, Berry and Orange

JustBe is a range of Premium flavoured Sparkling Italian wines in 4 fantastic, refreshing, modern flavours. Launched in Europe and now in the UK positioned to fill a gap in the market for prosecco styled flavoured drinks, they are the ideal choice to drink on any occasion and all year round. Produced from a blend of two premium Italian grapes – Verduzzo and Glera they are skilfully blended and infused with natural flavours to produce a range that is refreshing , delicious and unique.

Packaged in contemporary branded, fully recyclable aluminium bottles they are environmentally friendly and stay cooler for longer. Without the need for a bottle opener, the easy pull bottle cap saves time – just add a straw for a convenient and trendy lifestyle drink.

Innovative bottle design

The fully recyclable aluminum bottle is both environmentally friendly and helps the drink to stay cooler for longer. It is also has an easy pull bottle cap to save time so no need for a bottle opener. Simply pull open and add a straw!

100% Natural Ingredients

The ingredients that are used in JustBe’s drink come from the best mint, herbs and berries available from growers in Europe. They are completely natural and not only better for you but also taste delicious.

Luxury branding

The JustBe range is in a luxurious and contemporary white bottle with vibrant colours which represent the flavours inside. The result is an eye-catching and premium drink with a real aesthetic appeal.

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