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Sugal Group focuses on the innovation and development of tailor-made products that offer a customised solution to each client’s needs.

Established more than 50 years ago, Sugal Group is one of the largest producers of tomatoes, fruit concentrate and pulp at a global level that is still a family business. Their impressive, steady growth has been the result of a team effort over five decades of continuous investment in technology and a persistent attitude and commitment  to high quality and sustainability.

Use of  Tetra Recart® – The 21st Century alternative for shelf stable food

Food Service products are produced in two factories in Portugal using tomatoes of a controlled origin and fully certified ingredients. They can offer services tailored to the needs of customers and present alternative packaging for the various products available including pouches and bulk pallets. 

Sustainable and good for the environment

Sugal Group are the first company in the sector to implement carbon management initiative. They also have a permanent focus on energy saving, equipping their factories to promote friendly energy usage by using renewable sources of energy as natural gas. Another objective is to reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gasses such as Co2 and to ensure all their packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Great taste every time

All Sugal Group products are manufactured in their own facilities with ingredients from origin, always following a strict quality control to ensure food safety, complete traceability and sustainable approach in the supply chain. Because they are packaged at source, they always taste fresh and full of flavour and quality control is ensured from start to finish.

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