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Tenute Ca’Botta is an Italian innovative winery that specialises in making dry wines from dried grapes in Valpolicella DOC, in the north of Italy

Tenute Ca‘Botta is located over 500 meters above sea level in Valpolicella DOC on the outskirts of Verona in Northern Italy. They are an innovative winery, having developed their own technology in grape fermentation which combined with traditional wine making techniques of the region, allow them to produce dry wines from dried grapes. Ca‘Botta’s mission is to offer full bodied wines, rich tasting and elegantly balanced wines and they are consistently winning awards around the world.

Top winemaking at 500 meters

The natural elements of the Ca’Botta vineyard helps them to create the best wine possible. By growing the grapes at 350-550m above sea level they are richer in tannins and antioxidants. This height also means they experience strong winds which help dry the grapes and allow them to be harvested later when the berries are riper for a stronger flavour. There is also plenty of sun to help aid with a rich and plentiful growth.  

Dry wines from dried grapes.

Ca’Botta’s wines are dense, intense and strong bodied with vivid characteristics and an elegant finish. This is thanks to the grapes being put through a method called appassimento – the process of grape drying under natural conditions. The winery creates almost all of its wines from dried grapes – something not many vineyards do – lending a unique and refined taste.

Rested wines – Ca’Botta’s quality standard

After bottling, all of the Ca’Botta wines are aged for a minimum of six months at a controlled temperature. As a result, the more aggressive young tannins disappear leaving the wine with a more rounded and elegant finish. Ca’Botta only sell mature and well rested wines, setting their standards high for each bottle.

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