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Aqua Twist Griffin Hunter

Aqua Twist is a natural 100% pure spring water bottled at source in the UK…

The water is exceptionally high in calcium (98.6mg/ltr) and low in sodium (8.6mg/ltr) making it a healthier and superior tasting choice. The low sodium content and balanced mineral composition makes it well suited to everyone and offers a naturally pure and refreshed taste.

There are a variety of different sizes of Aqua Twist bottles, a 500ml screw cap and sports cap 330ml, 500ml and 750ml, which makes them perfect for a whole host of occasions. The 330ml bottles are perfect to put in lunch boxes or to fit in your bag when you are on the move. 750ml is great to take to work, the gym or just to keep in the car.

Flavoured water with 0% Sugar

Aqua Twist’s new range of flavoured water is made with 0% sugar and packed with flavour. They are available in Strawberry and Raspberry & Lemon and Lime, they are a perfectly flavoured drink to be enjoyed at any time. 

Sustainable for the environment

The Aqua Twist water bottles are filled with 100% Natural Spring Water which comes from a protected water source and is produced in a production facility that is 100% organic. The plant produces and sells excess electricity from its wind farm back to the grid which helps sustainability by creating its own renewable energy source, this shows Aqua Twist’s dedication to the environment.

A bottle type for every occasion

Aqua Twist bottles come in both sports caps and screw tops. They are available in 300ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles which are ideal for all occasions lunch boxes , office , car or the gym.

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