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Wine has always been the passion at the core of the Riberalves Group and it was this which led to the conception of AdegaMãe in the Torres Vedras region of Portugal in 2010. AdegaMãe produces genuine wines that are expressive of the unique characteristics of the Lisbon region and are very much defined by their Atlantic influence.

“We have a highly dedicated and specialized wine team led by winemakers  Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes”

Ideal vineyard conditions

The location of the Adegamae vineyard ties in all of the best conditions of the region. Due to being near the Atlantic Ocean the soil allows for the creation of decidedly original wines with a refreshing natural acidity and a mineral character. Being a mere 10 km away from the sea, it also offers the ideal conditions for white wine grape varieties: Viosinho, Alvarinho and Chardonnay.

Award winning wines

AdegaMãe are internationally recognised and are proud to have risen through the ranks, achieving over 150 awards across their range – Pinta Negra, Dory, AdegaMãe, Terrior and AdegaMãe 221. These awards include ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best Value’ to ‘Best of the year’ ‘Wine Enthusiast Editor’s choice’ and countless more.

Large production capacity

The productive infrastructure of AdegaMãe is equipped with modern and sophisticated machinery, combining cutting-edge technology and traditional approach. Inside the ‘Time room’ — a section of the cellar devoted to ageing wines of noble character — you can find over 150 carefully selected French and American Oak barrels containing the best wines the company has to offer.

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